Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bouge update

So i have been meeting to update this for a while. So I'm just gotta sit here for a bit and write out whats been going on in the fabulous life of the Bouge's.
**so this will make you laugh** I have typed this before and was almost ready to publish it and my lovely layla pushed a button and it deleted all my pictures and posts! So I get to type this ALL over again :)

So lets see...

Currently Don and I are still working at the bank. I haved worked there for 8.5 years now and Don will be hitting his 7 years. I'm just thankful we both have jobss.
Next month Don and I will be celebrating our 5 year anniversary! I cannot believe how fast time goes by! We have accomplished and done so much since we've been married. I'm so blessed to have Don in my life! He is a wonderful husband and awesome dad to our baby girl.
As for me (Ashley) nothing new has changed. Just working and playin' wife and mamma (which is my favorite thing in the whole world). Being a coaches wife i get the privilage to attend all/most of Don's basketball games/tournements. It's so fun to see his team improve and watch Don do what he loves most! In my spare time I love to do crafts its the only thing to keep me sane! Lately I have been into sewing and making baby things for Layla and Maelie (Kyle's baby girl).
Don's coaching buisness is going well! He started his club basketball tem "Phoenix Flyers" a year ago or so. It's so fun to watch his team and kids improve. Don is such an awesome coach! He is so willing to help each kid reach their full potential. Don is completely emersed with his coaching life! So in the Bouge house hold all we do is think about basketball. Miss Layla is the teams head cheer leader! She loves to sit and watch the ball move back and forth across the court. Her favorite thing to do is to cheer while Dons team is shooting free throws. Don calls Layla his " LITTLE ALL AMERCIAN ALLSTAR." Layla can sleep through an entire game and no even be phased by the whistles or buzzers.
Miss Layla is 8.5 months now! She is getting so BIG! At her 6th month appointment back in May the doctor told us she was in the 97% for her height and 85% in her weight. At that time she was the size of a 10 month old. Now she is the size of a 1 year old. She's starting to scoot backwards but hasnt figured out how to move forward. She has been trying to stand and pull her self up. I think she'll skip the whole crawling stage. She can say Daddy (still working on mamma). She can clap, wave and give high fives. Her new favorite thing to do is shake her finger like she's saying no no and then laugh. She's a funny little girl. My favorite things she does is laugh and give mamma kisses! She just reiceved 2 teeth within the past couple weeks. She has this new smile where she scrunches her nose and shows off her pearls!She is the best! I don't know how i got so lucky to have such a perfect little girl
Back in April my bro kyle and Tonya and baby Maelie moved back to AZ. Temporarily they are living with my parents. Baby Maelie is only 3 weeks younger than Layla. Miss Maelie is ALWAYS on the go! She crawls, scoots and stands all over the place. When these 2 figure out the whole running and walking thing oh man are we in trouble! You can see the little twinkle in these little girls eyes! It's so fun having Layla and Maelie be so close they are learning to share and play together! (They do take turns taking eachothers toys.)
I'm so thankful to have my mamma and sisters watch Layla for me while Don and I work to pay those dang bills.
So there ya go that is the life of the Bouge's I'll do my best to keep this updated.
Here are some pictures, ENJOY!

Monday, December 8, 2008

The adventure of Layla

So my pregnancy was awesome ... I was never sick ...didnt gain tooo much weight thought I was going to get away with it being perfect! but oh how was I wrong..

On October 20th I went to my doctor appointment thinking everything was normal and wishful thinking that the doctor was going to send me to the hospital because I was in labor..
Well thats when the real adventure started. I ended up having high blood pressure they took it like 3 different times and they were afraid that I had symptoms of preclemsia so they sent me to the hospital. We were there for like 3 hours and ended up being sent home, not only that but they put me on bedrest. NOT KEWL! They ended up sending me to the hospital 3x that week to be induced! Everytime I went I was like whoo today is the day! But I ended up being sent home everytime because it wasn't working, we were so frusterated I swore i was going to be pregnant forever!!
Well on November 1st they sent me to the hospital to be induced again, by then i was preg 41 weeks and 1 day....that baby was coming out!!!! They tried inducing me the same way again, and it still didn't work and I had crazy high blood pressure so they finally decided to take me.
It was an intresting night! As soon as they put me in my labor room I finally started going into labor on my own! I was like dude for real? they should have just put me here in the first place..Because I had crazy high blood pressure and had preclemsia I was put on all kinds of meds..I was a little loopy! The epideral man ended up being my best friend! All I could think about was having my little baby in my arms ( We didn't know if it was going to be a boy or girl)After only 20 mintues of pushing my baby was born! It was a GIRL!!! we were overcome with all kinds of emotions! Our little Layla Rachael Bouge was born November 2nd 2008 7:41am
she was 7lbs 14ounces 21 inches long. She was perfect!
So I finally gave in and decided to create a blog. I'm not sure how to make this all fancy and what not but here is an update on our Bouge Family